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Slim With The Zone Delivers Everything You Need
For Effortless Weight Loss

Starting at just $17.99, delivery included!
Limited time SPRING 2016 Offer!
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Slim with the Zone delivers all of the fabulous benefits of the Zone Diet DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOOR in the form of expertly prepared meals and professional advice. Our convenient and effective weight loss plan takes the effort out of losing weight, not for just a few months, but forever. And what’s more, we bust the myth that ‘nothing tastes as good as slim feels’ with our mouth-watering range of delicious meals and snacks.

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We Shop For You! We Cook For You! We Deliver For You!

Why Slim With The Zone is Refreshingly Different from Anything Else you have Tried:

  • Every individual has different needs; Slim With The Zone adjusts your menu to your specific needs.
  • Slim With The Zone is all about balance and harmony. By following the plan you will not only lose weight but also experience a feeling of health and vitality and increased levels of energy.
  • Our delicious, carefully planned meals are healthy, nutritious and delivered to your door.
  • There are no energy bars, no shakes and no confusing mathematical formulas to think about.
  • It is a way of life you can adopt for the rest of your life. The principles of The Zone are so easy to apply at home, at work and in the real world.
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