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Everything You Need For Weight Loss Success

Slim With The Zone delivers all of the fabulous benefits of the Zone Diet to your door in the form of tailored meal plans and professional advice. Our convenient and effective Calgary weight loss meal plans takes the effort out of losing weight, not for just a few months, but forever. And what’s more, we bust the myth that ‘nothing tastes as good as slim feels’ with our mouth-watering range of delicious meals and snacks.

What Is The Zone Diet?

It is a lifelong hormone control program where we aim to balance the hormonal responses each time you eat food. In a nutshell, the Zone diet is protein-adequate, carbohydrate-moderate, and low-fat, but rich in fruits and vegetables.

Zone Diet

Note that we don’t promote a fat-free diet. Fat is NOT your enemy. Most people are not aware that it takes fat to burn fat. Monounsaturated fat is hormonally neutral and has no effect on insulin levels. The small amount of monounsaturated fat added to every meal or snack helps to (a) slow down the entry of carbohydrates into the bloodstream, and (b) reduce secretion of insulin. Some very good sources of monounsaturated fat are pistachios, almonds, olives, avocado and olive oil.

Grabbing Meals On The Go? Short On Meal Preparation Time?

Check Our PricesDid you know that your weight gain could all be down to hormones, specifically insulin? Whether you are overeating, grabbing meals on the run or eating too little and exercising too much, you could be causing your insulin levels to go into overdrive. Poor insulin regulation can make us feel tired, hungry and altogether out of sorts. This can lead to overeating, eating the wrong things or making poor health choices. This is where Slim With The Zone gives you a helping hand.

In the Zone Diet, food is viewed as a powerful drug and must be handled as one! The food you eat has very powerful biological effects on your hormones. Hormonal balance is the key to optimal health. The Zone Diet will provide you with the right tools to lose weight, feel great and take back control of your life.

Keep Insulin In Check With Our Delicious Zone Meals

The Slim With The Zone program addresses hormonal (insulin) fluctuations by providing you with the meals that are going to keep you full for longer; you will be full of vitality and sparkle, which will see those pounds melting away as you go about your normal day. There is no calorie counting and no food preparation. Slim With The Zone sets you up to succeed.

Because your blood sugar levels will be balanced and under control you will no longer feel the urge to reach for that candy bar or that bag of chips. In fact, your body will naturally seek out the healthier options like fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Custom Diet Plans Made For Your Lifestyle

Slim With The Zone incorporates all the principles of the Zone Diet and brings you nutritious, specially prepared meals you will love. The concept of the Zone Diet is actually quite easy to understand. Each time you eat, you just need to make sure your plate contains the recommended ratio of food.

The 40/30/30 Zone Diet ratio is easy to remember:

How It Works

But if ratios are not your thing, that’s okay. Slim With The Zone takes care of the science bit for you by planning your meals in advance and delivering them to you directly. It really couldn’t be easier to achieve the weight loss milestone you have in mind and to reveal a slimmer, new you, ready for summer, for that special event, and for life!

Hate the thought of starting and failing another diet attempt? Slim With The Zone is where the frustration stops and your new, slimmer life begins. Call Mariola today  416-323-3455 use our contact form to book your FREE consultation and to start losing weight deliciously.

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