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Why Is Protein So Important?

Every human body requires incoming protein on a continual basis in order to grow and repair. It’s also necessary for digestion, immunity, and for good energy. Insulin and hormones are made of protein, as are connective tissue, bone, hair, and fingernails. Every single cell in our body uses the protein and every enzyme in your body is composed of protein.

Every single day our body loses protein constantly. That’s why it is critical for adequate incoming dietary protein.

The most important point for people who wants to lose weight is that protein stimulates a hormone called glucagon which acts as the major governor of excessive insulin production. It’s so crucial that we control insulin production in our body because an excess of insulin will make us fat! Not only do we get fat, but also our physical and mental performance decreases.

What Is Protein?

Proteins are complex structures built out of amino acids; our body needs 20 different amino acids. While 11 of these are made in the body, the other nine essential amino acids are accessed through diet.

What happens if an essential amino acid is missing from the body? At first, the body will break down lean tissue in order to compensate and then the muscles will begin to waste away.

Animal protein is comprised of all nine essential amino acids that is required by the human body, and is therefore, the highest quality protein. Some of these important sources of animal protein include meat, eggs and dairy products.

Your protein requirement is unique to you and only to you.

As Dr. Barry Sears said in his book, “Never consume any more protein than your body needs to maintain your lean body mass, but never eat less. Eating too little is to subject you to protein malnutrition. In other words, stay in balance.”

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