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Meet Mariola Keszycki

Mariola KeszyckiNutritionist At Slim With The Zone

Clinical Nutritionist Mariola Keszycki has never been very happy with the average North American diet. In fact, she was not even satisfied with the food menu at the hospital where she worked. She wanted to make a difference. A difference she knew she could make by getting to really know people, their body type, their psychological makeup and their lifestyle requirements.

That’s why Mariola quit her clinical position at the hospital and opened her own small café located in the Rosedale Area of Toronto. She closed the cafe in May 2015 and has moved to Calgary to focus on the Zone Diet and Catering.


What’s Special About Mariola’s Approach To Food? The Zone Diet

For the last 15 years, Mariola has helped women and men lose weight the healthy way.

  • Following the Zone Diet, Mariola offers experienced advice and encouragement while clients lose 2 to 3 pounds each week enjoying delicious, healthy meals at the same time.
  • Not only does she help clients to shed unwanted pounds but also gives them ongoing advice about nutritious meal preparations and nutritional knowledge. For instance, why certain foods trigger a hormonal imbalance in your body, or how to maintain just the right amount of insulin levels by eating the right foods, etc.
  • The Zone Diet is about controlling hormones and Mariola being a clinical nutritionist, knows how to do this. She shares the science of eating correctly with her happy, healthy customers.
  • Simply said, Mariola loves to cook and create new dishes in her innovative kitchen and the results are more than visible. Many clients have dropped 20, 30 even as much as 70 pounds!
  • The best part of it all is that Mariola encourages a lifestyle change and that helps to ensure that the weight does not return.

Tried a few different diets and weight loss programs but failed? Can’t think about going on a diet to lose weight because you really do enjoy good food? Keeping losing weight and putting it on again?

Check Our PricesCome in and ask Mariola about her Slim With The Zone program. Let her share years of experience and knowledge with you. Support to lose your unwanted weight is a phone call away. Just tell Mariola how much you want to lose and rest assured, you don’t have to wait for a miracle. You will start to see real results in the first week itself! It’s affordable and it’s easy…all you have to do is enjoy Slim With The Zone meals that Mariola prepares. You can even have your zone meals delivered right to your door—at home or at the office.

Remember, you are not alone, Mariola and her friendly staff are waiting to offer you the strong support required to succeed!

Change your life. Feel healthy. Call Mariola today 416-323-3455 and get started today! Or use our contact form to book your FREE consultation and start losing weight with Slim With The Zone.

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