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I started losing weight 1 week after I started the diet. I lost 10.5lb in 4 weeks and in total I lost over 35lb.

The food is delicious and the result are even better.

I was suffering from arthitis and this diet helped reduce the pain that use to get on my joint. Give it a try and you will not regret.

Julie M.

*individual results vary

"I am a single bachelor over the age of 50 with family history of heart disease and both parents being overweight.

Over the years, I had developed some poor eating habits, which I straggled wit. Being a bachelor, I never prepared my foods at home. Always ate at restaurants and fast food joints
and never paid any attention to eating junk food before going to bed.

I have been receiving a physical on by-yearly basis. My weight and cholesterol was increasing every time. My doctor finally gave me an ultimatum: “loose at least twenty pounds or go on medication for cholesterol or be a prime candidate for heart attack or stroke”.

After each doctor’s appointment, I would always do to Rosedale Café because it happened to be in the same building as my doctor. I began telling Mariola, the owner of the café, my situation. She suggested that I go on special eating plan of hers that she would prepare for me. I took her suggestion seriously because I dreaded the fact of going on medication that I had heard so many horror stories about. I should also tell you I take pride in working out, staying healthy and in shape but always straggle with loosing weight through exercise alone.

Since going on this food plan I’ve lost 20 lbs. in a very short period of time. I feel so much better about myself, more alert and more energetic. This cholesterol will be checked this week and I have faith about, it has improved.

This food that I never thought I would eat or enjoy, I now prepare for myself willingly. This has been compete lifestyle transformation for me that I could never accomplished if it had not been for the suggestion and help I received from Mariola at Rosedale Café.
I will be eternally grateful for all of her help.

Thanks Mariola!"


*individual results vary


"Over a period of 10 months on the Slim With The Zone plan, I lost a total of 70 pounds. I now fit into my wedding dress again! I also went on summer vacation, a period where I have more time to cook and take care of myself, and found out that not only had I lost a lot of weight, I had also changed my relationship with food. I didn’t need to gorge myself anymore and I enjoyed eating healthy things. As a result, it was very easy to maintain my new weight. All I had to do was follow my instincts and listen to my body’s needs..."

Catarina D.

*individual results vary

"Slim with the Zone is a good caterer for corporate and office functions. We use them regularly and the food is healthy and delicious, a great combination."

John M.

*individual results vary

"Mariola and her fantastic staff makes delicious and nutritious gourmet meals prepared fresh for you and perfect meals if you're on the Zone Diet - a lifelong hormonal control program. With a variety of so many great healthy choices from salads to sandwiches you are sure to be pleasantly satisfied. Meal delivery program available for seniors. Really good prices too, I recommend them highly."

M. McCathery

*individual results vary

"In the past year I have lost over 50 pounds while eating well on meals prepared for me by Mariola. Her Slim in the Zone three meals a day program provides a satisfying balance of foods that result in effective weight loss and improved health and well being. Strongly recommended."


*individual results vary

"The ingredients are always fresh and the variety is great, something different everyday."

Dr. McEwans Office

*individual results vary

"Mariola's knowledge of nutrition is matched by her talent for making everything taste fresh and delicious."

Dr. Linda R.

*individual results vary

"Mariola is a very sweet owner who is very knowledgeable regarding nutrition. With her Slim with the Zone diet she prepares 3 gourmet daily meals based on your nutritional needs. All the food is prepared by her and her staff and is organic and fresh. Highly recommended."


*individual results vary


"If you are looking for high quality meals at a reasonable price this place will not disappoint you."


*individual results vary

"It is always, delicious, catered to suit our needs as well as being nutritious and healthy. The owner and staff extend themselves to ensure satisfaction."


*individual results vary

"Fresh salads and sandwich choices as well as chicken and fish options, along with so much more. It's all healthy food and options for breakfast.Great value and fantastic tasting food."

Andrea M.

*individual results vary

"I have been on Mariola's Slim with the zone catered diet for 8 weeks and lost 27lbs.and felt healthy and never hungry. I also learned a lot about portion control and can continue in this new life style."

Galina A.

*individual results vary



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