Widely-Available Diet Meal Plans

Differ From Personalized Custom Diet Plans

Diet Meal PlansFor people who want or need to lose weight, there is certainly no shortage of diet meal plans that can be evaluated to determine which type of program might deliver the best results. Based on one’s specific work schedules and lifestyle preferences, these diet meal plans can be implemented and monitored on an individual basis (either online or through regularly scheduled visits to a local clinic) or by attending group meetings.

The diet meal plans offered by these clinics or programs are designed to modify eating habits to achieve weight loss goals. However, in many instances, each clinic or program emphasizes (for the most part) the same diet meal plan for every client, based on a favoured or preferred approach for weight reduction. These approaches may include:

  • Calorie intake restrictions
  • No or low carbohydrates
  • Portion control (by food group)
  • Vegetarian
  • No dairy products
  • Low-fat diets
  • Diet plus exercise

All of the above diet meal plans provide directions and/or suggestions for changing or modifying diets and/or eating habits, and many also prepare and offer checklists for their clients that can be used for such purposes as:

  • Meal planning
  • Calorie counting
  • Portion counting or measuring
  • Identifying food substitutes/alternatives
  • Restaurant menu choices
  • Avoiding specific foods
  • Limiting alcohol consumption

While any/all of these diet meal plans may generate some weight loss results in their own right, it is nevertheless important to recognize that they are widely-available plans that are designed to address a broad base of clients rather than the specific needs of any given individual. In this latter instance, personalized or custom diet plans, such as the plans developed and delivered by Slim With The Zone, may be a more appropriate and effective weight loss option.

Custom Diet Plans Are Personalized To Expressly Meet Individual Dietary Needs

When an item is made or built according to the specifications of an individual purchaser, such as clothing, furniture, or kitchen cabinets, that item is described as being custom-made or customized. The buyer has a specific outcome or goal in mind and has ordered a product that will be unique to their physical stature, personal tastes and style, and/or functional needs. This same thought process can also be applied to diet plans.

With specific reference to weight loss, every person has slightly different needs, and as a result, commercial or broad-based diet meal plans may not be sufficiently precise for every individual client. Conversely, Slim With The Zone designs custom diet plans that provide a proper, healthier, and personalized diet by adjusting and aligning your menu to your specific dietary requirements.

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