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Convenience Eating Serves A Busy Lifestyle

But Not Necessarily A Healthy One

Fresh Meal DeliveryAdvancements in technology over the past several years have significantly influenced the work environment and personal lifestyles from a number of perspectives, including the aspects of convenience and immediacy. As a result, many people have come to expect instantaneous actions and responses, and may become stressed or visibly upset when a drive-through line is deemed to be moving ‘too slowly’ or access to the internet is taking ‘too long’.

These same aspects of convenience and immediacy can also be applied to eating habits. Whereas previous generations would take the time each day to prepare a fresh, home-cooked meal and seldom order out for delivery, today’s generation has become more reliant on a certain daily meal (or meals) of convenience, such as:

  • Frozen dinners and frozen desserts
  • Fast food meals (especially drive-through options)
  • Take-out or delivery service
  • Ready-to-go or microwaveable meals (rice bowls, chicken wings, ribs)
  • Instant products (bacon, mashed potatoes, noodles)

While any type of convenience eating can satisfy, address, and/or serve the purpose of:

  • Grabbing a quick bite
  • Dining and dashing
  • Eating on the run
  • Too tired to make anything fresh
  • No time to make a lunch
  • Treating the family to a meal
  • Letting a delivery service do the cooking

they are not necessarily the healthiest or most nutritional meal options. They are indeed convenient and efficient but they may also contain preservatives, additives and artificial flavours and therefore be more fattening than a fresh and balanced home-cooked meal.

In addition, a convenience meal will not necessarily be any less expensive than a freshly prepared meal, although the former may not curb or satisfy one’s appetite for as long as the latter.

Hence, from many perspectives, convenience eating should not be confused with proper nutritional eating. If meal preparation time is a factor yet weight gain from convenience eating has become/is becoming an issue, consider the health and nutritional benefits of a fresh meal delivery service provided by Slim With The Zone.

Combining Fresh Meal Preparation With The Courtesy Of Home Delivery Service

Many diet meal plans require the individual to monitor, measure, count, and/or calculate any number of variables as part of their weight loss program. In other words, they have to invest some personal time and effort in order to produce visible and viable results.

Slim With The Zone removes the onus of investing personal time/effort by offering nutritious meal preparations on your behalf and combining that approach with the added courtesy of a meal delivery service.

There are several other advantages and benefits to the weight loss principles that are emphasized and supported by Slim With The Zone. These would include:

  • No calories or portions to count
  • A diet plan customized to your specific/individual needs
  • A healthier and better-balanced diet
  • Meals that keep you full longer
  • Resisting the urges to snack or crave convenience foods
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Avoiding post-meal sluggishness from convenience foods
  • Taking the weight off and keeping it off

To resist the temptations of convenience foods and maintain a balanced and healthier diet, call Mariola at Slim with the Zone today at 416-323-3455. Enjoy deliciously prepared diet meals delivered to your door.

Change your lifestyle with our healthy & convenient food.

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